On-Line Submittals
Catalog Number:FF20E1ZVModel Number:HC48Order Number:26366
Frame Size:254JPEnclosure:ODPRotor Inertia:1.06 Lb-Ft2

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Cover Letter Available BTD. Wiring Diagram 1 NA
Dimension Print 07-3354-01 BTD. Wiring Diagram 2 NA
NamePlate Data Available Vib. Switch Wiring Diagram NA
Performance Data Available Renewal Parts RP004
Wiring Diagram 137033 Coupling Dimensions NA
Acc. Wiring Diagram 1 NA Reed Critical Frequency NA
Acc. Wiring Diagram 2 NA Special Bearing / Lube Info NA
Acc. Wiring Diagram 3 NA Information Sheet NA
Space / Sump Heater Diagram NA / NA Suitability of Motors on Variable Frequency Drives Available
Waived Belting Data NA Operations / ID300 Manual 448888 / NA
Direction of Rotation NA  
Insulated Bearings with No Shaft Ground Ring NA  



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